Sweet Sixteen!

I'm so glad springtime is here! Perfect weather for a walk in downtown St. Charles with K. for her sixteenth birthday. ❤ I had a great time with this group of friends. I enjoyed seeing how much fun they were having together! Cute!!! Happy birthday, K.! I hope you have a WONDERFUL year!!! ❤

Newborn Photography: Baby M.

What a sweet family! I first got to meet the M. family when I took pictures of Baby T., and now she's a big sister! ❤ Baby M. was awake and alert, and he was determined not to miss a single thing! It was wonderful to see you again, M. family, and CONGRATULATIONS!!! ❤

Family Photography: The K. Family

IT WAS TIME. I had gotten a message from my friend E. last fall, telling me that she would like to try something different for her family pictures this year. Our last session had been on a golden October day, but this time we wanted to try for snow! So we waited. And waited. And... Continue Reading →

Senior Photography: D.

"Where words fail, music speaks." -- Hans Christian Andersen I first met D. when he was a kindergartener in my elementary music class! (I'd like to be able to claim credit for his incredible range of musical ability, but it was shortly thereafter that I left education for a time, to stay at home with... Continue Reading →

Family Photography: The M. Family

Meet two lovable, active little toddlers: O. and B.! ❤ The last time I saw them, they were tiny, sleepy little newborns. Now they are busy little boys, full of energy, exploring the woods and collecting acorns! "Aww, Mom and Dad ..." It was great to see you again, M. family! 🙂


It's been too long since I've done one of these. (Or maybe it hasn't. Who's keeping track of time anymore, anyway?) 😉 A whole lot has happened since the beginning of quarantine. Our family has been through loss, and things have been topsy-turvy. But I've found that one thing can make all the difference:  what it... Continue Reading →

Children’s Photography: Baby J.

A beautiful day, a peaceful park, and … the cutest little one-year-old ever! Last week I got to meet up with a friend to take some pictures of her adorable grandkids. Baby J. was turning one, so we needed to mark the occasion with some photos! 😉 J. is a born fisherman: His sweet sister... Continue Reading →

Photo-a-Day Challenge: Day 21

My friends from church brought me a lovely hyacinth in a pot, as an Easter present. It smells sooo good! (It made me remember a pet hyacinth I had in college. I had named it "HyaCynthia.") 😉

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